Written for diving and want to dive the girl (men do not enter)

Written for diving and want to dive the girl (men do not enter)


Two years ago, an interview with Dr. Sylvia Earle, the world record holder in deep diving and an oceanographer, said she never worried about sharks eating people. Why? "Because I'm not a man."

This article answers some of the questions that girls may be concerned about, throwing in the towel and welcoming discussion. I am not a professional, but I sincerely hope that more and more girls fall in love with the "blue opium", to bring a richer and more beautiful colors to the underwater world.

Q: Can I not get a tan?

A: It is impossible not to get a tan! If you are afraid of tanning, you should dive hahaha, and I really think that chocolate skin tone is healthy acres!

But UV rays may cause skin cancer, we should enjoy the sun under the premise of health.

If you wear a long diving suit, only your face and hands will be exposed, wear gloves to protect your delicate hands (but some marine national parks prohibit the wearing of gloves).

In fact, the easiest place to get a tan is not in the water, but on the boat. Use physical sun protection (windbreakers, sarongs, hats, etc.) and avoid direct & prolonged exposure to the fierce sun, staying under shade and indoors as much as possible.

Pay particular attention to overcast and cloudy weather, which most people call "Burning Weather", that is, you obviously do not see the sun but have unknowingly been sunburned (burn). Like to wear halter dresses of the girls, do not ignore the protection of the jade back, where the skin than your arms and legs more delicate and easy to sunburn.

As for sunscreen, the main harm to coral is the sunscreen in the oxybenzone (also called benzophenone, the composition table usually shows Benzophenone or Oxybenzone), paraben, ethylhexyl triazone (Ethylhexyl Triazone) and similar camphor substances.

The U.S. National Park Service said that sunscreen creams containing natural mineral ingredients such as titanium oxide (titanium oxide) or zinc oxide (zinc oxide) appear to be safer, at least so far not found to be harmful to corals. These sunscreens containing mild compounds are generally suitable sunscreens for children or sensitive skin.

Contact ZCCO customer service by email to request a free (reef friendly) sunscreen, 1 for every 10 people given away.

Q: What is the best swimsuit to wear?
A: I personally recommend the simplest kind of three cloth bikini, because the diving suit is very snug, the swimsuit has a small skirt is not easy to set on, there are ruffles or something, careful diving suit off the whole body is printed ...... As for the swimsuit with steel ring, sponge pad, silicone pad, uh, are you sure that can swim?

The advantage of bikinis is the small size, dry quickly, do not worry about their own body is not good, foreign body is also a lot of poor ...... When you get hooked on diving can not help, crazy money to burn equipment, you will put cosmetics in the suitcase, perfume, high heels and other space are vacated to put equipment, this time, with two sets of bikinis, even underwear are saved You'll save on underwear.

Q: What should I do with my long hair?
A: Ponytail, bangs with hair clips, and with a mirror cover to avoid hair tangled; or directly wear a head cover, but also to keep warm. If you think draped hair is more beautiful, then please be mentally prepared to go into the water by bangs to block the view, clip in the facemask to cause leakage, hair is tangled in the facemask straps and diving suit zipper ......

Q: What if the diving equipment is too ugly?

A: I don't know why, climbing and cycling and other outdoor clothing are bright colors, but diving equipment is almost always black. Beauty loving girls should still look for Japanese products, but the price is also generally 50%-100% more expensive than Scubapro, Waterproof, Cressi and other products. So you can try ZCCO's wetsuit, the quality of the cut can not be said, and look good.

Q: What should I do when my period comes?
A: It's better to avoid the days when your period comes, but if your relative comes very unpredictably or you really can't avoid it for various reasons, you can still dive. Don't worry, scientists' experiments prove that sharks don't love menstrual blood.

Two solutions for menstrual diving: use tampons and take birth control pills or progesterone to regulate.

Have not used tampons, it is recommended to use a few days before diving that period first, to see how well their bodies accept. In addition, tampons must be replaced 4-8 hours, preferably after each dive. You can understand in advance with the dive store, the dive boat is not every dive back, there is no toilet on the boat, if it is a day trip out on a whole day, generally at noon will eat ashore, you can go ashore to solve.

I have not taken any medicine, everyone's physical condition is different, please be sure to consult a professional doctor.

You should pay special attention to keeping warm, wear a thick, long diving suit, put on a hot water bag, drink ginger soup, dry your body after getting on the boat and change into dry clothes, etc., and do what you normally do. If it is the first day of the reaction is particularly large, menstrual cramps or feel very tired, take a day off, do not force. You can also privately tell your boyfriend to take more care of you, especially when there is a flow, table shy, we all understand.

Q: Will diving turn me into a muscular woman?
A: Diving does not require much physical strength, it is a very relaxing exercise, you can think of it as underwater yoga. Diving skills are not directly related to physical strength and size, a slim girl is not necessarily worse than a muscular woman or boy, and if buoyancy is well controlled, it is likely that the girl will save more air than the man, making the man dry and envious.

The only problem may be the equipment, 20 kilograms of gas cylinders close to half the weight of a petite girl, carrying up really hard, but I still try to carry their own. One tip is that if the water is not fast and the waves are not big, take off the equipment and get on the boat again, so you don't have to climb the ladder with all the equipment.

Q: Can you introduce a handsome coach?
A: Uh, I am not a human (fresh meat) dealer. The most important thing is experience and patience. The difference between a good instructor and an ordinary instructor is that in addition to the content of the PADI course, he can also teach you the skills he has summed up in thousands of dives, which can influence your lifelong view of diving. Experience takes time to accumulate, which means that the percentage of bad old men in good instructors is higher than that of young guys. It's not too late to learn from a good instructor and then go after a handsome DM (Dive Master). If you need an old man, I can introduce you to him.

Q: Coach, are there any dirty men in DM?
A: Unfortunately, the answer to this question is "yes", especially in Southeast Asia. I have experienced different levels of harassment from DMs in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, ranging from verbal teasing to physical abuse - in the water. Remind the girls to stay alert, if the other side of the warning does not work, to decisively report to their boss, if the dive store condones their behavior, report to PADI. If the situation is serious, PADI may remove the dive store from the list.

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