What does it feel like to urinate in deep water while diving?

What does it feel like to urinate in deep water while diving?
So often play diving, you must buy your own wet suit! There is no wet suit in this world that has not been soaked in urine, the difference only lies in whether it is your own urine, or a hundred urine!
It is said that when the human body feels the water pressure, it will produce something called "atrial natriuretic peptide", and this thing works as the name implies, making you want to urinate very much!
So about 40 minutes of a dive, the probability will have to urinate where? Of course is directly in the wet suit pee!
Here to share a few experiences
1. wetsuit pant legs to cover the outside of the diving boots, so that urine can be discharged from the pant legs here, see a lot of people bundle the pant legs in the diving boots, which is ready to take home?
2. When the body temperature is low in the water, urination can help your whole body warm up and feel very comfortable
3. Pull open the collar, fill the seawater, and then pull open the pant leg to drain the water
4. After surfacing, repeat step 3
5. Come back every day, remember to reverse the diving suit to wash it, so I wish you all a happy urination in the water ~

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